Every year, when the first snow storm hits, I have the same inner battle. To snow boot, or not to snow boot. I  come up with a laundry list of excuses – they don’t go with my outfit! they are a pain in the ass to put on and take off! I LIKE having wet … Continue reading

The Uniform

There is something really thrilling about fresh laundry. Clean underwear, towels that show no sign of being used as eye makeup removers — the list goes on. Having said that, I was in especially good spirits getting dressed this morning. I had two loads of clean laundry in tow & what seemed like endless outfit … Continue reading

Fashion & Dad Jokes – a PSA

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe, if those cheesy, awkward, sometimes offensive dad jokes we have all heard at least once (and maybe have made a few times, too) changed just one, teensy thing they would actually be great jokes? Well, friends, the same thing can be said for clothing. In my years … Continue reading

Outlet Dreamz

We all know this song & dance – you get all revved up to shop your socks off at an outlet store, wear your sale shopping clothes, pull your hair up into a bun and mentally prepare yourself to get down and dirty — only to discover sea of less-than-kitten heels, costume jewelery with stones … Continue reading